Chad Ballard

BIAN Board Member

Chad Ballard is responsible for JPMorgan Chase & Co. Core Banking Technology platform which includes Consumer, Business, Commercial and Wealth Management customers. This also includes responsibility for all Core Deposits capabilities, associated API Products and Data Distribution platforms within Consumer and Community Banking.

Prior to Chase, Ballard was at PNC Bank in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he was Head of Retail Channel Delivery and Enterprise Open Banking. While there, he was responsible for strategy, design and development of all customer facing experiences for Retail Banking. He was also responsible for strategy, design and development of Enterprise Open Banking to include developer portal and micro services API Products.

While at PNC, he also joined the Banking Information Architecture Network (BIAN), where he was the Global Program Director for Open API Banking. While there, he enhanced BIAN from a business architecture framework (comprised of members of Financial institutions, Software Providers and Service providers) to a commercial launch of its first Global Open Banking API Product and Development Portal.

Prior to PNC, he was at BBVA, where he was responsible for transformation of Core Banking, Digital Channels, Innovation and Open Banking. This included the strategy, design and development of all customer facing experiences for Retail Banking as well as development of Global Open Banking.

Chad is an experienced Executive Manager with a successful career in senior leadership, development of technology strategy and large-scale transformation in global financial and healthcare industries. Background includes proven skills in Strategic Technology Planning, Modern Engineering Practices, Agile Methodologies and Cloud Native Application Development.

Chad holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama.