The BIAN “How-to Guide” is a comprehensive set of documents. Aimed at audiences including technical architects, BIAN members and other financial institutions, the guides detail the theory and design practices behind the BIAN Service Landscape, the tools and templates used to capture content and directions for applying the BIAN Standard in your technical and business environment.

The  “How-to Guide” gives organisations a toolset for using and implementing the BIAN model in their own organisations.

BIAN in Chinese

BIAN – Weaving the Value Net of Digital Banking EcosystemDOWNLOAD

In the paper “BIAN – Weaving the Value Net of Digital Banking Ecosystem”, our members from IBM China, Jihua Li, Chief Architect for Financial Services Cloud Transformation, who has been working with the largest banks in China, provides an overview of BIAN in Chinese, with extensive contents distilled from BIAN public sources including online reference model, various how-to guides, and white papers. It covers the origin, underlying theory, key concepts, framework, and applications of BIAN. It’s a welcome addition to BIAN materials in different languages. And I am sure it will help promote BIAN’s awareness and adoption in China, as well as in other Chinese speaking countries / territories.