BIAN Adoption in the Nordics

BIAN adoption in the Nordics, experiencing steady progress! Hereby explanation on BIAN by Rasmus Stromsted, Head of Architecture Service Delivery at Nordea. Powered by Dasnk-IT

Ian Guy Gillard explaining the Coreless bank at SIBOS

Ian Guy Gillary, Member of the BIAN Board & Executive Vice President, Office of the President at Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited

BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network) and the Archimate® Modeling Language

Patrick Derde, Architect and BIAN Trainer

What is Open Banking and how does it impact accountants?

by Hans Tesselaar, Executive Director of BIAN Read Interview

Enterprise Architecture Means Thinking Business First, then Technology

by Steven Van Wyk, Chairman of the Board of BIAN & Executive Vice President and Head of Technology & Operations, The PNC Financial Services Group Read Interview

Technology integration drains banks’ IT budgets, BIAN to the rescue: Hans Tesselaar

BIAN aims to bring down integration cost in banking industry. Hans Tesselaar, Executive Director at BIAN, talks about models & APIs to lower the challenges and costs of integration. BIAN helps banks to modernize and move away from legacy technologies.

Banking Innovation means thinking Customers first, then Business, then Technology.

But you can’t do it alone. Global collaboration is the key success factor. Interview with Business Reporter, UK Read Article

MISYS and BIAN 2016

Exclusive interview with Hans Tesselaar and MISYS Executive Management

SIBOS 2015

Interview with Fintech at SIBOS 2015 in Singapore

SIBOS 2015

Interview with Financial IT at SIBOS 2015 in Singapore