How can I participate in a BIAN Working Group?

To participate in a BIAN Working Group your company needs to be a member of BIAN. As an employee of a BIAN member you are able to participate in each BIAN Working Group. A list of current BIAN members is available on the BIAN site.If you would like to know who the BIAN representative within your company is, please contact us by email:

How many participants may a BIAN member have in a BIAN Working Group?

The number of participants a BIAN member may have in a BIAN Working Group is determined by the group charter and your organizations own resource limits.

Can I participate in BIAN Working Group as a non member?

BIAN is a member driven organization and it is obligatory to become a member of BIAN to participate in the BIAN Working Groups.

How can I participate as a non member?

Non members are invited to send their feedback to the BIAN assets and to discuss on BIAN blog posts. As a non member you can follow BIAN by signing up for the BIAN Newsletter and you are welcome to join our LinkedIn group.